Enois Scroggins/From E To U

販売価格 2,250円(税込)


2011年、Dallas, TX.
G-Funkフリークから絶大な支持を得ている絶品ファンク・シンガーEnois Scrogginsによる驚愕のゲスト陣と贈る最強G-Funk/Funkアルバム!!!とにかく毎回期待を裏切らないボム級ナンバー満載で悶絶確定!!!

1. From E To U
2. Take Your Time ft. Carmen
3. Baby C'est La Vie
4. Miss Perfection
5. Boogie In Muskogee
6. Shake Your Body ft. Lloyd Popp
7. Get Funky Tonight
8. Set Me On Fire ft. Nicole Marshel Williams
9. No Insecurities ft. Tereza La Queen
10. Sunny Days
11. Thanks To Music ft. 4Tre
12. Bump It Up ft. Casual, Dynamite D
13. West Coast Bomb ft. Tony G, Kokane, Dre'sta, BG Knocc Out, Dirty Red
14. Despair ft. Quictamac
15. On Point ft. Augustus The Mac
16. Tick Tock ft. Slip Capone, Dynamite D
17. I Got That Fire ft. Ecay Uno, C Band, Don-Is
18. Pray ft. Tweed Cadillac
19. Under The Sun ft. Xl Middleton, Dynamite D
20. The Dog's In Town ft. Delagodo