Selo/Passionate Affections

販売価格 1,800円(税込)


1. I Can Feel You (feat. Rigo Luna & JrSenl)
2. Tell Me What It Means (feat. Lil Blacky, Killa D & Dttx of Lighter Shade Of Brown)
3. Her Life (feat. Mateo)
4. You Hold the Key (feat. Baby Jokes of Charlie Row Campo & D. Salas)
5. Freaking You (feat. Rocky Padilla & Gfunk)
6. Antifaz (feat. Arlette & El Lonely)
7. Tonight (feat. David Wade)
8. Movin' On (feat. Rainy)
9. I Was Wrong (feat. Sykk 1)
10. Move On (feat. David Wade)
11. Make You Mine (feat. Dttx of Lighter Shade of Brown & Lil Blacky)
12. Tomorrow (feat. Lyrik, Rigo Luna & Dave Biggs)
13. Don't Leave (feat. Brown Boy, Jah Free & Anthony Sheehan)
14. I'm In Love (feat. Agame & C-One)
15. Perfection (feat. Sykk 1)
16. Won't Hurt You (feat. Zig Zag of Nb Ridaz, Nikki Diaz & Syphon)
17. Put That Body On Me (feat. David Wade)
18. He's Not Me (feat. Sykk 1)
19. Till the End of Time (feat. Nikki Diaz)
20. Tell Me How You Feel (feat. D. Salas & Dave Biggs)
21. Be Your Man (feat. Lil Blacky & Dave Biggs)