XL Middleton & Delmar Xavier VII

販売価格 2,000円(税込)


2021年、Pasadena, CA.
大人気West Coastラッパー/G-Funk & Modern FunkプロデューサーXL Middletonと謎のベールに包まれた大注目プロデューサーDelmar Xavier VIIが古き良き時代へとエスコートするボム・アイテムを投下!!!
捨て曲無し!DJにもオススメ!"626 Since It Was 818"、"Player Piano"、"Gardener"、"Strange Dance"、 "L.A. Holiday"、"Too Late"を筆頭に、70's & 80's City Popをサンプリングしたとされるセンス抜群のプロダクションでお届けするボム級ナンバーがテンコ盛り!!!
G-Funk/West Coast Rap/Modern Funk/Boogie/City Pop愛好家達に捧げる正真正銘の最強盤!!!

■XL Middleton/2 Minutes Till Midnight
■Moniquea/Los Robles & Washington
■【VINYL】ThrowbaKK Feat Moniquea/Just Wanna Dance
■【VINYL】Moniquea/All The Time
■【VINYL】Zackey Force Funk/Slow Attack
■Zackey Force Funk/Bodyrock Shotgun
■XL Middleton/Things Are Happening
■XL Middleton & Eddy Funkster
■Diamond Ortiz/Loveline
■【VINYL】XL Middleton/Tap Water
■XL Middleton/Tap Water
■Moniquea/Yes No Maybe
■Rev/Insufficient Funds
■XL Middleton/From The Vaults Vol.2
■XL Middleton/The Hedonistic
■Slacker Pad
■XL Middleton & Young Sau/There Goes The Neighborhood
■XL Middleton/Middle Class Blues
■XL Middleton/100 Proof Music:The Alcothology
■XL Middleton/The Lost Tapes
■XL Middleton/Barliament Drunkadelic
■XL Middleton/Music For A Drunken Evening

1. タイロン橋本 (Interlude)
2. Lament For The Angels
3. Player Piano
4. 626 Since It Was 818 feat. Blkwest & Moniquea
5. L.A. Noir
6. Gardener feat. Dialtone
7. Only Luv (Interlude)
8. Strange Dance feat. Young Sau
9. Fire (Storm)
10. Perfect Time To Come Over
11. L.A. Holiday feat. K-Dee & Zackey Force Funk
12. Too Late