Iksplicit And Mistahlone/Blood Thicker Then Water

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2011年、San Diego, CA.
Dago Chicano GangstaデュオによるG-Funk入手困難盤!!!
90'sフレイヴァー溢れた重厚DAGO GANGSTAサウンドが最強にカッコ良い最高峰G-Funkチューン"Get You Bang On"、"Westcoast Bang"、"All About That Paper"、"Can't Get With My Flow"、"Co-Sign My Sh*t"、"West Coast"収録!!!
San Diego/Californiaコレクターズ・アイテム!

1. They Can't See Me
2. They Can't Get None
3. This Gangsta
4. Can't Get With My Flow
5. Co-Sign My Sh*t
6. West Coast
7. Better Reconize
8. Sidewayz Swervin' feat. M. Mind Guile
9. Bien Kitty feat. Brooz Nasty & M. Mind Guile
10. Ain't Nothing Poppin But the Snaps feat. M. Mind Guile
11. All On Me
12. All I Want feat. M. Mind Guile & Brooz Nasty
13. Get Buck feat. M. Mind Guile
14. All About That Paper
15. Westcoast Bang
16. Get You Bang On