Lil Nate Dogg/Son Of A G

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2018年、Los Angeles, CA.
今は亡きWest CoastレジェンドNate Doggの息子Lil Nate Doggによる希少フル・アルバム!!!
DJにもオススメ!フロア直撃のボム級バンギン・ファンク"The West Coast Is Back"や、Nate Doggへの追悼曲!Nate Dogg/Nobody Does It Better使いのボム級G-Funkチューン"Nobody Does It Better"を筆頭に、Dr. Dre/The Next Episodeネタの"Next Episode"、213/So Flyカヴァーの"I'm Fly"、Ludacris/Area Codesネタの" Area Code"などかつてNate Doggが参加した名曲のオマージュ曲も収録、新旧問わず全てのGフリークに捧げるWEST COAST/CALIFORNIA大本命作品!!!是非オリジナル盤で!

1. I'm Fly
2. Son Of A G feat. Baby Bash, Sen Dog
3. Can't Deny It
4. Talk To Me feat. Sen Dog
5. Next Episode feat. CQ Hash
6. Moon Rock Bomb feat. Kurupt, Rillah
7. California Sunshine feat. Baby Bash, YC, GQ
8. Go feat. Big Omeezy
9. Tales From The Crypt feat. Kurupt, Rillah
10. Hoes feat. Ram Rock, Rillah
11. Oweee feat. Big Omeezy
12. The West Coast Is Back
13. Get Away feat. Nate Dogg & Pimpin Young
14. Move That Dope feat. CQ
15. Lil Nate Dogg
16. White Caddy
17. Nobody Does It Better(Lil Nate Dogg Tribute To Nate Dogg)
18. Nobody Does It Better(Lounge Mix)
19. Area Code(Syrup Mix)
20. Area Code(Air Radio Mix)