Stevie Joe/Thuggyman

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Oakland, CA.
ベイエリア大人気Gスタ・ラッパーStevie Joeによるメジャー・クオリティーの完成度でリスナーをノックアウトへと導く大ヴォリューム2枚組仕様の最高峰アルバム!!!
DJにもオススメ!最大の目玉となるSOS Band/No One's Gonna Love You使いノックアウト確定のボム級スムース"No One"を筆頭に、キャリ・フレイヴァー溢れた美メロ・サウンドにコーラス絡む珠玉のスムース"Shan's Song Pt. 6"、"Anyway"、"Feels Good"、The Mekanixプロデュース&コーラス絡むブリブリ最高峰Mob Funkナンバー"Stuck Here"、"Hella M's"、最高にカッコ良い重厚ベイエリア・サウンド炸裂するクラブ仕様の必殺フロア・バンガー"Right Back Lit"、"Devil Coming"、最高に煌びやかな美メロ・サウンドにシンガー絡む至高のメロウ"Home Alone"、"On Call"など最高の楽曲満載、新旧問わずGリスナー&ベイエリア好きはもちろん、Kendrick Lamar、YG、Ty Dolla Sign、Nipsey Hussle、DJ MustardなどCALIFORNIA/WEST COASTの流行に敏感なリスナーは外せないベイエリア最高の逸品!!!

1. No Love Lost (Feat Swizzy) Prod by The Mekanix
2. No One Prod by D Marc Beats
3. Die Wit It Prod by Bulletloko
4. Devil Coming (Feat E-40 & Keak Da Sneak)
5. Right Back Lit (Feat Mozzy & Lazy Boy) Prod by Marc Beats
6. Face Card (Feat G Stack & Eddi Projex) Prod by The Mekanix
7. Stuck Here (Feat J Stalin & 4rAx) Prod by The Mekanix
8. Funk Again (Feat Young Jr, Young Byrd & Nittee) Prod by Feezydisabangah
9. Echo Prod by Bulletloko
10. Shan's Song Pt. 6 Prod by The Mekanix
11. How I rock Prod by Bulletloko
12. Both Ways Remix (Feat Mozzy, Philthy Rich, J stalin & MB Nel
13. Day Dreaming (Feat Vitani & Remi R.E.D) Prod by Don Pro
14. Dirty Sink (Feat Dubb 20 & Vellione) Prod by The Mekanix
15. Blues Talk (Feat Mistah F.A.B & Lil Goofy) Prod by D Marc Beats
16. Bounce Dat Azz Prod by Bulletloko
17. Granny Goose (Feat Larry June, Armani Depaul & Footz Da Beazt Prod by E2DAG
18. Know Me (Feat Young Byrd) Prod by Infamous Beats
19. Feels Good (Feat Remy R.E.D & Jason Cruz) Prod by Infamous Beats
20. On Call (Feat J Stalin, Scoot and Devon Sanders) Prod by TD Slaps
21. Check (Feat Vellione) Prod by Feezydisabangah
22. DBoy (Feat Street Knowledge & Al B Street) Prod by Terrel Cotton
23. Another Flip ( Feat Anonymous that Dude) Prod by Frat Boys
24. Hella M's (Feat 4rAx) Prod by The Mekanix
25. Anyway (Feat Remy R.E.D) Prod by Infamous Beats
26. Heartbeat (Feat Parnell) Prod by High Roller
27. Home Alone (Feat Louie Da Fourth & Jason Cruz) Prod by Sosa Preme
28. One Day (Feat Remy R.E.D & Con B) Prod by Bulletloko
29. Honor to God Prod by Bulletloko
30. Til You Gone (Feat Ampichino, Chris Lockett & Maffi) Prod by Lil Juice Productions