DJ 40Oz/Non $top Hu$tle

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2014年、San Francisco,CA.
ネタ使いの嵐!Dennis Edwards/Don't Look Any FurtherネタのGファンク"Can't Be Stopped"、Dr Dre系の骨太ファンク・チューン"The Rise of a Bos"、ミディアム・スロー名作Alexander O'Neal/If You Were Here Tonight使いの天国に吹っ飛ばれそうな極上アーバン・チューン"Gettin' Mine"、Bootsy Collins/I'd Rather Be With You使いのGファンク"Livin' That Life"、90s Gファンク・スタイル"Do You Wanna Ride With Me"、Madonna/Holidayのキャッチー・ファンク"Holiday"、極上のレイドバック・ナンバー"Carry On Your Name"、Eagles/Hotel California使いの哀愁ナンバー"California"など、兎に角凄いクオリティー!オススメです!

1. Can't Be Stopped
2. Getting Money (Remix) [feat. Young Loc, Filthy Fill & Big Cholo]
3. The Rise of a Boss
4. So Fresh (feat. Silk)
5. Don't Hit My Line (feat. Filthy Fill)
6. Non$tophu$tle
7. Gettin' Mine
8. A Thin Line (feat. NG Guero & Lil Fred)
9. Livin' That Life
10. Do You Wanna Ride With Me
11. Holiday
12. Fed Up
13. Carry On Your Name
14. California (feat. B Dawg, Smokey Loc & Filthy Fill)
15. Nothing 2 Prove