Markie Swing/A Famlee Affair...The Bootleg Version

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新品/コンディション:ディスク(S)/ジャケット(S)/再発盤CD-R(Digitally Remastered & Remix)/

Long Beach,CA.
90s G-Funk Classics!

1. Intro
2. Till the Day That I Die (feat. Billy Kash)
3. Drop Them Bombs (Behind the Music)
4. Drop Them Bombs (feat. Andrea Guerrero)
5. Pop Till They All Drop (Behind the Music)
6. Pop Till They All Drop (feat. Kelwin Edwards)
7. Fresh On the Scene
8. Come Along (Behind the Music)
9. Come Along (feat. Andrea Guerrero & Kelwin Edwards)
10. Famlee Affair (Behind the Music)
11. Famlee Affair (feat. Kelwin Edwards)
12. The Anthem (Behind the Music)
13. The Anthem (feat. Andrea Guerrero & Kelwin Edwards)
14. Come Along the Remix (Behind the Music)
15. Outro
16. I Don't Wanna Lose Myself