Legend Lokz/Drinking On Da Job

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アッパー・ファンク、メロウ・チューンをNew Westサウンドで展開するホットな1枚!

1. Keep It Movin
2. Struggle (feat. Ysl, Phat tha Mack & H.D)
3. Ain't Playin Wit U Suckaz
4. A.O.B (feat. Do shitty & Dauz)
5. Datz How We Do It (feat. The Fee)
6. On My Motha (feat. Stadik)
7. U Feel Me (feat. Nezia, Kuci lee, C-Bo & Maddrop)
8. Other Shit (feat. Rede Red & Kb kalik)
9. 55Nine Kennelz (feat. The Fee)
10. Don't Throw Away (feat. Rollow & Big KJ)
11. Believe Me (feat. Ysl & Big Deville)
12. Won't Fuck 4 Free (feat. Luciano, Lil Legend & Lil Greedy)
13. Thus Musik
14. Banger Durty (feat. Do Shitty)
15. Nope (feat. Buggy & The Fee)
16. Must Be Crazy (feat. Lil Goofy & Phat tha Mack)
17. Somebody You Kno (feat. The Fee & Lyrical Assassin)
18. Chalk'd In
19. Square Bitches (feat. Do Shitty)
20. I Do
21. Shut Shit Down (feat. Lil Joe, Henny Sippa & H.D)