V.A./AC The Promoter's Campo Loyalty First

販売価格 1,800円(税込)


2013年、Los Angeles,CA.

1. Roll Call (feat. Wix, Sa Shorty, Doll-E Girl & Lady Synful)
2. Ride or Die Girl (feat. Brown Boy, Carolyn Rodriguez & Zig Zag)
3. Go Hard (feat. Lady Synful, Slo Da Bandit, Luckyoftheeastside, Dttx & Doll-E Girl)
4. I Know Whats Up (feat. Doll-E Girl)
5. You Got It (feat. Zig Zag & Soulja Sick)
6. The One I Need (feat. Stump & Dttx)
7. Mind of a Boss (feat. Sa Shorty)
8. Represent Like Me (feat. Wix & Sir Speedy)
9. Ooh Aah (feat. Carolun Rodriguez, Sa Shorty, Doll-E Girl & Wix)
10. Gutta Boy (feat. Dttx & Gutta Boyz)
11. We Thugs (feat. Doll-E Girl, Lady Synful, Young Brown & Sa Shorty)
12. Soldiers (feat. Ese Grouch & Chicano Thugs)
13. Three Times a Lady (feat. Lady Synful, Jv Tha Neighborhood Queen & Doll-E Girl)
14. Lifes a Trip (feat. Big Haps & Dttx)
15. I Made It (feat. Doll-E Girl)
16. Sincere (feat. Mobs)