Pimpin Young & Suga Free/Thunder & Lightning

販売価格 1,280円(税込)


カリフォルニアはポモナ産、Pomona City RidazのメンバーPimpin YoungとO.G. Suga Freeの超強力タッグで贈る最強アルバム!!!

1. We Go (ft LaToiya Williams)
2. Taylor Made (ft Co-T)
3. Cant Smoke With Me (ft Casino The G)
4. Can I Pimp It (ft Bad Azz & Tha Stable)
5. Succa Repellent (ft Ha Ha Loc & Bokie Loc)
6. Hot Air Balloons
7. Screamin' B.O.W. (ft Audio Push)
8. She's A Better Crook (ft Marco Polo)
9. California (ft Ricc Jaymes, DJ Bobby B & Co Co)
10. Choosin Time (ft Co Co)
11. Shit Chea (ft Moosei)
12. So Conceited (ft Ricc Jaymes)
13. Know It's Not You (ft Bizzy Bone)
14. I Wanna Be
15. S.G.V. (ft Moses Soul Right)
16. Take My Seat
17. Sidewalk Talk (ft Supa Mac)
18. 10 Toes (ft Casino The G)
19. Backslide (ft Pretty Reese)
20. Round 2 (ft Co Co)
21. Deion's 1st Lesson (ft Young V & Deion Woods)
22. 10 Pimp Commandments (ft Mr. Silky Slim)
23. Pimp Overload
24. Get Off Me (ft Chag G)
25. I Pray
26. Everything You Need (Remix) (ft LaToiya Williams)
27. 24-7 (ft Nicole Diamond Duse Riley & Mr. Lou)
28. Game On My Mind (ft Pomona City Rydaz & Jelly Roll)