Zig Zag Of NB Ridaz/The Collection

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2017年、Phoenix, AZ.
メロウ・ラヴァーに絶大な人気を誇るNB RidazのZig Zagによる捨て曲なしのボム級アルバム!!!

1. Ain't Lovin' You Right
2. Can't Wait (feat. A. Dubb & MZ Platinum)
3. Dedication
4. With You (feat. Krush & Simes Carter)
5. Perfect Picture (feat. C-Note)
6. One Thing About You (feat. Roca Dolla & Bobcatt)
7. Summer Girl (feat. S. Black & C-Note)
8. Take It Back (feat. Marla Lopez)
9. Kiss & Tell (feat. Simes Carter)
10. Phone Call Away (feat. A. Bomb)
11. That's What I'm About (feat. Nile & David Wade)
12. This One's for You
13. Girlfriend
14. I'm Tired (feat. Krush & Simes Carter)
15. In Those Jeans (feat. Simes Carter)
16. Appreciated (feat. Brown Boy, Selo & C-Note)
17. Won't Hurt You (feat. Syphon & Nikki Diaz)
18. I Can't Believe It (feat. Selo, Dos & D. Salas)