Remedy/The Undiscovered Legend

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San Diego,CA.
ガッシガシにスネア弾けた必殺キャリ・ファンク"Up In Da Party"を収録した、あまりお目にかかれないノーバーコード仕様のSan Diego/California激レア盤!!!
Hard To Find!

1. The Undiscovered Legend - Intro
2. Candy Paint 24's
3. I'm Tore Back
4. How's That
5. California Kill Switch
6. Lined Up Like Soul Train
7. Up In Da Party
8. Hood To Every Ghetto
9. Big Money Big Pockets Big Chips
10. Making That Money Man
11. State Your Business
12. Who's The Judas?
13. Damn Thang Funny
14. We Got'em Shook
15. Girl With The Bubble
16. That's Whatcha Need Right There
17. Long Story Short
18. Aint Ready For Us
19. I Gotchu
20. Seduction
21. Who Are You Playa?
22. The Undiscovered Legend - Outro