Smooth Approach/2G Tribe Jams

販売価格 4,800円(税込)


2000年、Maple Heights, OH.
貴重音源!グルーヴ感満点90'sサウンド広がる気持ち良さ全開の最高峰クルージン・ナンバー"Smooth Approach/Rollin' With The Tribe"、"Jason McDonald/Show Some Love"をはじめ、美メロ&コーラスが壮大に広がる珠玉のバラード"Smooth Approach/Heart Of A Champion"、気持ち良さ全開ノリ良くスネア弾けたラップ絡みの必殺スムース・ファンク"Smooth Approach/C-Town Here Comes The Browns"を収録したR&B激レア盤!!!

1. National Anthem - Smooth Approach
2. Make It Happen (Cleveland Indians) - Kendra
3. Rollin' With The Tribe - Smooth Approach f/kym Sellers & Lynn Tolliver Jr.
4. That Rhythm - Tameka
5. We Came To Get Down - Q-Nice f/Sam Silk & Stretch
6. Show Some Love - Jason McDonald
7. Take Me Out To The Ball Game - Chanelle Waddell
8. Can't Get With Us - Jahi & Q-Nice f/The Dj All-Stars
9. Heart Of A Champion - Smooth Approach
10. Tribe Vibe - Kendra f/Kendall Lewis
11. C-Town Here Comes The Browns - Smooth Approach f/Lynn Tolliver Jr. & Ralph Poole