Maniac OE/This Life Of Mine

販売価格 1,800円(税込)


ベイエリアNorte Chicano Maniac OEによる流通の悪い入手困難アルバム!!!
Samantha Bを迎えた泣きのボム級メロウ"Rest N Peace"や、"Summer Time"、"Raised N This Life"、"Forever Ridin"、" If I Die Tonight Pt 2"、"This Life On Mine"、"Life In The Srtuggle"など、高音シンセ鳴り響く90'継承サウンド炸裂する最高のG-Funkチューン収録!!!
はもちろん、新旧問わずWest Coast & Chicanoファンに捧げる最高峰の逸品!!!

1. fam First ( Intro)
2. Forever Ridin ft. AG & Deezy Cobain
3. If I Die Tonight Pt 2 ft. Young One & Sunny G
4. Never Fakin ft. Tweety Brd, Yung Rich & Chary Locz
5. Pray 4 Me
6. Rest N Peace ft. Samantha B
7. Street Warfair
8. Raised N This Life ft. Yung Sav, Raider Dee & Chary Locz
9. This Life On Mine ft. Miss Honey
10. Respect ft. Casper Loc
11. Life In The Srtuggle ft. Deezy Cobain
12. My Life ft. Yung Rich
13. Trust No Hoe ft. Legend
14. Summer Time ft. Lil Tony & Casper Loc
15. What We Do ft. Ag & Yung Rich
16. Northern Part Of Cali ft. Sleeoy & 2 Sikk
17. Get Money ft. Deezy Cobain & Raider Dee
18. Flamed Up ft. Yung Rich