Maniac OE/Maniac On The Loose

販売価格 1,800円(税込)


ベイエリアNorte Chicano Maniac OEによる流通の悪い入手困難アルバム!!!
最強G-Funk"Cal14ia Sunshine"を筆頭に、、"Down These Caii Streetz"、"Try Nd Test Nuts"、"Till The End"、"On MY Hustle"、"Ima Handle"、"Back N The Day"など、高音シンセ鳴り響く90'継承サウンド炸裂する最高のG-Funkチューン収録!!!
新旧問わずWest Coast & Chicanoファンに捧げる最高峰の逸品!!!

1. How It Go'z Down ft. A.G. & Yung Dru
2. Try Nd Test Nuts ft. Yung Dru
3. Till The End ft. A.G. & Yung Smoke
4. Down These Caii Streetz ft. Hawk$
5. Strong Survivez ft.Yung Dru & Yung Bugz
6. Ima Handle It ft. Yung Dru, Tazz, Chary Locz & A.G.
7. On MY Hustle ft. Hawk$ & Young One
8. Maniac On The Loose
9. Mind Of A G ft. Cuerpo & Boozer
10. She Can't Get Enough ft. Hawk$
11. Why Are They Hating On Me (Remix) ft. Yung Dru & Hawk$
12. Who These Haterz Talking ft. Hawk$ & A.G.
13. Back N The Day ft. Yung Dru & Hawk$
14. Come 2 My Town ft. Lil G, Yung Dru & Cuerpo
15. Money To Make ft. Hawk$ & Yung Dru
16. Trapped N The Storm ft. Yung Dru & Cuerpo
17. Run Up ft. Mobsta
18. On The Daily ft. Boozer
19. Cal14ia Sunshine (Bonus Tarck)