J.Stalin/The Real World Part 4

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メロウ・ラヴァーを完全に虜にする最高の美メロ!美メロ!美メロ鳴り響く素晴らしいメロウ&スムースが次から次へと飛び出すCALIFORNIA/WEST COASTの流行に敏感なリスナーは外せないベイエリア最高の逸品!!!

Disc 1:
1. Welcome To The Real World
2. Smoking With My Bad B#tch ft Ronald Mack
3. I Got What You Looking For
4. Swimming Pool
5. Where Were You
6. You Belong To Me
7. Give It All Ya Got ft E-40 & Droop E
8. Never Be Realer Then Me ft Vellquan
9. Dope Boys
10. Midnight Hype Music (Interlude)
11. Doper ft Joe Blow & Stevie Joe
12. Lil N#ggaz
13. Grinding ft Lil June
14. Tell Me

Disc 2:
1. Numbers
2. All Night
3. Come Out At Night ft Lil Blood
4. The Finer Things In Life ft Yukmouth
5. Homies
6. Let Your Guard Down
7. I Know What Its Like ft Young Gully
8. Back In The Day ft Saxxy Soul (Saxaphone)
9. True Story
10. Innocent ft June
11. Lunch ft Retro
12. Show Me What You Got
13. Mob
14. Plush ft The Worlds Freshest