E-40/The D-Boy Diary Book 2

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カリフォルニアはヴァレホ産、West CoastレジェンドE-40による内容最強の超話題作品!!!
Kid Inkを迎え最高に煌びやかな美メロ広がるクルージン・サウンドにコーラス絡む気持ち良さ全開の悶絶級スムース"2 Seater"、ADを迎えた"On One"、K Camp & Casey Veggiesを迎えた"All I Know"、Joe Moses & Jay 305を迎えた"Broke Bitches"を筆頭に、DJにもオススメ!最高のフロア・ナンバー満載、全編に渡りメジャー・クオリティーの完成度でリスナーをノックアウトへと導くCALIFORNIA/WEST COASTの流行に敏感なリスナーは外せない最高の逸品!!!

1. Bring Back The Sideshow (ft. Mistah F.A.B. and Nef The Pharaoh)
2. Money (ft. Mozzy and Jay Rock)
3. This Goin Up (ft. Husalah and Turf Talk)
4. On One (ft. AD)
5. Get Money or Get Lost
6. Highway (ft. B-Legit and TreSolid)
7. Sick Out Here (ft. Droop-E)
8. Thank U (ft. Willy Will)
9. Military Time (ft. Salsalino and Baby Treeze)
10. Uh Huh (ft. YV)
11. 2 Seater (ft. Kid Ink)
12. What It’s Gone Be (ft. D-Day and Tamoya Bell)
13. How Do U Like That
14. I Know a Guy
15. All I Know (ft. K Camp and Casey Veggies)
16. Waitin On a Play (ft. Nicamari)
17. Tycoon
18. Broke Bitches (ft. Joe Moses and Jay 305)
19. Flash On These Bitches (ft. Lil B)
20. Too Many
21. Paid Off (ft. Stresmatic)